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This is a guest post by Simon McPherson, founder of Liveable. Simon is a trained Architect and Urban Designer. Participating in the Stockland Accelerator, Simon has created a tech solution that showcases, for new home buyers, the liveability aspects of buying a new home. Liveable provides detailed assessments and guidance for new homes, tailored to your circumstances, to help home seekers make the best choice for their lifestyle.  

How 10 PropTech startups are using technology to create more sustainable, connected and engaged communities

I recently saw the new documentary film 2040, which creates a compelling and positive perspective of a bright future for our planet and our children, based on widespread application of currently available ‘green’ technologies and methods.

This film inspired me to think about the ten PropTech startups currently in the final month of the Stockland Accelerator, and what our collective urban future might look like, with the widespread application of the technologies we are developing to create better connected communities.

So, picture this…

You have just bought a new home via a collaborative, agent-free arrangement facilitated by Early Match, saving you lots of money and stress in the process. You’re excited to take your place in your new, connected community, and see it evolving into a vibrant, prosperous, dynamic and connected community.

That development evolution is being tracked by IMBY, allowing you and your neighbours to understand potential changes in your local built environment, and how this might affect your area – and to respond accordingly.

Your teenage children are getting to and from sports, social and educational activities independently. This is with thanks to Parachuute – the online platform facilitates shared tasks across households, saving families time and money and building neighbourly connections – which has also led to an occasional dinner out for the grown-ups!

Speaking of dinner, your new neighbourhood enjoys access to fresh, locally-grown produce, thanks to POD Farms’ network of indoor agricultural facilities in schools, shopping centres, cafes and even some homes! Food miles: zero.

The hospitality businesses taking advantage of the hyper-local produce are also benefiting from a resourceful and reliable local labour force. Through Yodel, local businesses can tap into a network of workers and fill shifts, even last minute, in seconds.

On weekends, you enjoy participating in community gardening and other social activities with your neighbours. And there are plenty of activities to choose from thanks to Paper Plain, which empowers local champions and their communities to jointly participate, contribute and engage in activities together. You look back and recall a time when you didn’t really know your neighbours, and as a result, felt less attached to your home, street and neighbourhood.

Naturally, this future neighbourhood has become very popular and in high demand for homebuyers, leading to ongoing urban renewal and revitalisation – which only enhances the character and quality of the spaces.

As new homes are built and this new urban life expands, Fair and Square ensures that construction payments are managed seamlessly and fairly for homebuyers and builders. Similarly, renters in the community enjoy seamless connections and easy maintenance transactions with landlords and tradespeople through Rental Heroes.

And, the infrastructure necessary to facilitate this urban life is built and maintained using Trajctory, which organises inspection data to reduce maintenance burdens for infrastructure and service providers.

The distinctive qualities of your future neighbourhood and city are captured by Liveable, which helped you choose the most liveable, affordable and sustainable home. Future residents can gain a deeper understanding of the places and experiences they are buying into. Liveable also helps people save lots of money by reducing living expenses.

The #StocklandStartups are committed to building exciting, enjoyable, sustainable and beneficial urban futures for our communities – something we can all get behind!

Simon McPherson founder of Liveable
Founder of Liveable, Simon McPherson at the Product Showcase which marked the halfway point of the program.

The #StocklandStartups are in their final month of the Stockland Accelerator powered by BlueChilli.