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We’re excited to announce a new accelerator program for BlueChilli, in partnership with Stockland.

Australians have a very close relationship to property – probably far more than any other culture. Which is why the Stockland Accelerator is such an exciting opportunity.

In this accelerator, we’re looking for startup ideas which can make our relationship with our homes – and the communities around them – much more connected.

What kind of founders are we looking for?

We’re looking for bold and curious problem solvers who have been asking “why” to the challenges which exist within our communities and we are saying to them “well, why not!” Our partners, Stockland want to challenge the way properties and communities are bought together – be it brick-by-brick or community-by-community – and we have an amazing level of opportunities open to the right founder to build a tech startup.

Proptech accelerator program BlueChilli and Stockland

The team at BlueChilli are ready and waiting to help our future founders to build the technology which will assist in getting pilots, so that we can unlock venture capital to grow and hire the first team members.

What kind of ideas are we looking for?

From APIs to mobile to IoT to hardware, the BlueChilli team can support any idea and help you grow. With over 120 startups to date, we have the right people to help you turn your idea in to a tech startup.

And surrounding this program we have an amazing group of external advisors, from futurists, to startup specialists, and private developers who will be on hand to support and mentor our selected founders.

I love the intersection between online and offline worlds, particularly in the hardware space. Watching how people interact with their community and surroundings has evolved inspires me to create new ideas and concepts to make cities “smarter” and more connected.

I love seeing how distributed sensors and smart analytics can help people interact with the spaces around them, how voice and video has started changing the way we purchase products, how automation has changed the way we are moving ourselves and our “things” and I’m looking forward to the next generation of ideas to come from this program.

Check out the Stockland Accelerator program here.