Sitting down after one very big meal during the silly season festivities, I was talking with friends and family over how quickly 2009 rushed past, and how much we had managed to squeeze in to the last week.

It got me thinking, a week is actually a long time. Working 8 hours a day gives you a 56 hour week, 10 gives you a 70 and 14 is almost 100 hours. Imagine what you could do in 100 hours! Could you say, build an online business? In a week? And could you do it for under $500?

After all, 2 guys built a fully functional iPhone app in 2 days, so it is possible to build something complex that quick. And contestants on The Apprentice routinely build a micro business in 2 days or less. I already have a heap of tools that I can build upon, I have the motivation, so it should be possible to piece something together.

I decided then to set myself the challenge and give it a go. Next week I’ll bring you a series of posts on my experience in building a startup in seven days, a series which will be co-posted on Australian Anthill

Blank Notebook

Now… what to do?

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