Last week I posted about a challenge, a challenge to build a start up business in just seven days and for under $500.

Today, I start that challenge.

Over the next seven days I pan to accomplish a lot in a short about of time (I have 100 hours!). I’ve sketched the outline of a plan, and drafted up a quick schedule:

  1. (Today) Concept and Research
  2. Registrations and user experience design
  3. Marketing setup and development
  4. Building it
  5. Making it pretty
  6. Tying it all together
  7. Tidying up loose ends and the launch

Every morning I will post a blog about what I accomplished the day before, the challenges I faced, the reasons I made decisions, and a little bit of how I went about it. (Without being too nerdy, as promised!)  These blogs will be co-posted at Australian Anthill, a fantastic Australian online publication devoted to startups, entrepreneurs and business.

Additionally, you can follow how I’m going in real time on twitter and check this blog for more posts on things I pick up on the way.

So with a big deep breath and a strong black coffee – here goes!

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