My startup already has social media, do I need to be on Twitter too?

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Short answer: yes. Because: failure.

First, experience tells us that about 1 in 20 startups will be successful.

Next, let’s be generous and assume you and your co-founders are vastly more capable than the average bear, and you’re going to be successful on your second startup venture.

If you’ve allowed your startup’s social media presence to be your focus and you don’t have any social media footprint yourself, what happens when this startup fails and you need to move on to your next idea?

You can’t keep posting as the Twitter handle of a failed startup!

I understand it’s important to have and maintain focus, and sometimes social media seems like a distraction, but it’s one of those marketing channels that rewards the long game and an ongoing, persistent investment in time and effort.

The best co-founders, employees, accelerator programs, journalists and investors all do ‘due diligence’ on you before deciding whether to listen to your pitch.

Part of that due diligence will be a quick search for you on social media.

If it’s clear by your own social media history that you’ve ventured once and failed, you’re a ‘serial entrepreneur’ who has probably learned some valuable skills and gained some useful experience along the way.

If instead you don’t have any social media history as a startup entrepreneur, you might be a hipster, part-time parent or unhappy corporate executive on Facebook, but you’re not an experienced startup founder.

If you want to salvage something for the future from the startup journey you’re on now, take the time necessary to grow a social media presence for yourself, as well as for your startup.