The Startrail map began in late 2011 as a project for one of our graphic design interns who needed a project to work on. He was working on infographics and and I suggested that we look for a way where we could represent the community in Sydney visually and the idea of using the CityRail map as inspiration was born.

Since then it’s been an amazing journey seeing the increase in the density of the number of startups. Using the “font-size-metric” (FSM) that I just made up, we’ve had to drop the font size 3 times since then to fit more startups in the map – so the community has had a 3x FSM increase in just 2 years.

Check out the September startrail map here.

Two serious observations since our last release earlier this year is the significant increase in the number of co-working spaces and the increase in companies supporting the Growth stage. Our next map will have a dedicated co-working area to represent these crucial members of the startup community as we’ve recorded 4 more co-working spaces that have all opened in the last few months, including StartNest, WeCo and Tank Stream Labs.

Secondly we are seeing a healthy increase in the number of Venture Capital companies who have come forward to us in the Growth stage which has accelerated the number of startups who have received funding moving from incubation into Growth. New additions to the map include Square Peg Capital and Tank Stream Ventures.

Finally, I will note that although we do research the space ourselves, we do rely on startups and the agencies that support them to come to us to let us know their portfolios so this is not a complete picture of the community. Having said that, it’s awesome to see the growth in Sydney


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