StartRail Map 2017 – 182 entries and counting

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It’s been two weeks since we announced we’re collecting updated data for the StartRail maps of the startup ecosystems in Australia so it’s time to drill down into what we’ve collected so far.

It’s also time to remind you to submit your startup’s details, or if you’re an accelerator, incubator, investor, or university, encourage your startups to submit their details. Because two weeks in, we have enough entries to produce updated maps for Sydney and Melbourne, but so far, no other startup community in Australia is close to reaching the 50 valid entries we require to produce a StartRail map for you.

Let’s first look at what we do have.

Most of the entries so far are from startups new to the StartRail map, which is great. Once we check startups listed on previous editions of the Sydney and Melbourne map to make sure they’re still valid, and fold them into the valid entries in this 166, we will probably have about 300 startups to work with on the maps.

Why are you submitting to StartRail?

It’s interesting to note that 42% of the startups submitted self-report that they have raised seed investment, and that rises to 60% if we combine seed and pre-seed investment. That’s considerably higher than the 40% or so which reported having raised private capital in the 2016 Startup Muster report. It may be that startups with external investors are more interested in appearing on the StartRail maps as an awareness tool.


Here’s the bad news: we’re pretty sure there’s much more than 5 startups in WA, more than 15 in Adelaide, more than 31 in Melbourne, more than 32 in Brisbane and more than 86 in Sydney. The 2016 Startup Muster report included answers from 685 startup founders.

How can you help?

Please help us create a more extensive map of your startup ecosystem? There’s a number of ways.

If you’re in a startup community which you know is bigger than this, you can let other startups know that they’ll miss out if they don’t submit their details before the end of November. Typeform tells us this takes no more than three minutes to complete on average, and some of you clever clogs can probably do it in less than a minute. Do it now.

If you publish an email newsletter or help manage an online community for startups, we’d love it if you’d remind your community to submit their details.

New and changed submissions for StartRail maps will close at the end of November to allow us enough time to do the fact-checking and graphic design. Please get your startup’s details in today!