StartRail 2015: your chance to be on the startup map

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You’ve probably seen copies of BlueChilli’s StartRail map floating around different co-working spaces, universities and offices before, but if you haven’t, here it is in all of its 2013 glory:


What started as a project in late 2011 for one of our graphic design interns, has gradually become something greater.

Since its inception, the Sydney StartRail map has continued to expand as more co-working spaces, Venture Capital companies and startups have popped up, and it’s been exciting to watch Australia’s startup ecosystem grow, not just in Sydney but all over the country.

The aim of the StartRail map has always been the same: to represent the startup community visually; featuring all the amazing startups and how they relate to the education, incubation and growth organisations that support them.

Previously, we’ve always researched the community ourselves, with welcome help from the startups and organisations that drop us a note to let us know who else needs to be represented.

Therein lies the challenge: Australia’s startup ecosystem is growing so quickly, we can’t keep up!

It’s time to update the StartRail map, and this time we’re going big.

We want to create maps for all the major cities and regional communities in Australia; not just Sydney. To do this, we need your help.

We’ve created a Typeform survey for you to fill in at

We want to know what your startup is, where you’re based, what funding stage you’re at (so we can add you to the right map “zone”) and which organisation your startup is currently or most-strongly affiliated with.

Map yourself on the Australian startup ecosystem at

We’d love it if you could share the link with your networks too – the more startups get involved, the more accurate the StartRail maps will be.