What kind of smart cities startups are applying to join CityConnect?

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CityConnect, Australia’s first smart cities accelerator, has been open for applications for one week, so let’s take a look at some of the idea-stage and prototype-stage startups that have applied so far. If you’re interested in applying but haven’t done so yet, here are some of the ideas submitted so far:

Get fit on the way to/from work

As someone who typically spends three hours per day commuting, I love this idea: a navigation and routing app that integrates exercise goals into your daily commute.

Making it easier to manage relief teachers

A startup has some great ideas to make it easier for schools to recruit and manage relief teachers in the education system, those essential fill-in staff for when rostered teachers are unexpectedly unavailable.

Sharing smart cities policy

Not all cities are equal when it comes to the progress they’re making towards becoming smart cities. One team has an idea for a web platform that would allow city administrators from cities large and small share their policy details and smart city ideas so that under-resourced communities can learn more quickly from their better-resourced neighbours.

Making it easier to manage subcontractors

One of the challenges of modern-day civil construction is the complexity of managing a vast array of subcontractors. One startup has some interesting ideas about how to improve verification, hiring and payment for large numbers of subcontractors.

Sharing home ownership

One of the applications is from a team planning to address the housing affordability crisis with some new ideas around distributed home ownership models to help people occupy and purchase homes sooner.

Disaster planning

In the event of an emergency, which way do you go and how do you know when to stop? A startup idea submitted will help people find the best escape route in the event of a disaster, keep them safe from hazards en route and keep track of their progress to a safe zone.

Making better use of trains

A startup team which have already won a transport hackathon with their idea for an app that helps you see which train carriages are the least crowded as your train approaches the station.

Are you ready?

Maybe your idea is ready but you haven’t got your application in? In that case you’ve got until 21 August to get your application in. And you don’t need to wait until you’re completely ready — you can begin an application, save it online, and complete it later when you’re ready.

Got questions? We’ve got answers — we’re holding a CityConnect AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Wednesday, 16 August at 2PM AEST. Tune in on Facebook and ask us your burning questions!

What’s in this for you?

CityConnect is BlueChilli’s accelerator program for smart cities ideas. In return for 15% equity, we set you up for success with:

  • A technology team to build your minimum viable product (MVP), saving you $50,000 to $100,000
  • Expertise including an assigned Product Manager and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, market-proven curriculum and a cohort of peers
  • Co-working space in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane throughout the six month accelerator program
  • Access to subject matter experts and customers to validate your idea
  • An initial $25,000 to get you started, with up to a further $250,000 in follow-on funding available