Lean Startup Machine is not a hackathon or conference, but an educational workshop that teaches entrepreneurs the process of validating business ideas through hands-on experimentation and mentorship. Three days is an extremely short amount of time, but it’s enough to test multiple business concepts, identify which one has the most potential, and even collect some revenue from customers.

Like BlueChilli’s 156 Accelerator Program and 99toLaunch, Lean Startup Machine emphasises validating ideas before building. And like our programs, LSM helps you learn how to test and validate your business ideas in record time and on a budget.

BlueChilli’s Chief Growth Hacker Alan Jones will be one of your mentors, as will Sydstart’s Pete Cooper, Mobile Monday’s Shane Williamson, UX guru Henry Cho, Founder Institute director Ben Chong, serial startup entrepreneur Matthew Ho and more.

Early bird tickets ($50 off) expire in the next few days:

But don’t buy a ticket yet! First you have to see if you can win one FREE!

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