QuickSafety named one of the “Top 3 Innovations for the Mining Industry”

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Quick Safety startup founder Kurt speaking

In Feb 2016 an opportunity came up for QuickSafety startup founder Kurt Alexander to pitch for the Collaborate Small Business Solutions Competition and he took it with both hands!

He was selected as a finalist, then went on to place in the top 4, gaining sponsorship by BlueChilli, CCIQ, Suncorp and Microsoft.

QuickSafety now has direct access to a wonderful team of business mentors, processes, office space in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and a crack team of Developers!

In only 7 months, they created and launched the QuickSafety Certificate of Compliance application in the App Store.

This week at the Mining Electrical Safety Conference 2021 in Brisbane, QuickSafety startup founder Kurt Alexander showcased what Quick Safety does to Mining Electrical Engineers in Queensland.

Kurt Alexander presents at the MESC Conference 2021

At the Conference, Quick Safety, a BlueChilli portfolio startup that ensures ALL electrical jobs are safe and fully compliant to Federal and State Requirements, was named in the top 3 mining innovations for 2021.

As a keynote speaker and an exhibitor, Kurt was overwhelmed by the interest in how Quick Safety reduces risk and can help predict/prevent power faults/failures, electrical fires, and electrocutions.

QuickSafety ensures compliance to ALL structures from houses to Oil & Gas Infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.

Interested in learning more? Give Kurt a call on 0402-829-348 or lodge your interest on their website: https://www.quicksafety.com.au/

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