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Talking about travel gets me excited. It reminds me of the wonderful times I have had on the road and inspires me to work hard towards having more. I recently met Chris Ball, CEO of AdventureHoney, a fantastic website where you can book adventurous activities overseas with 25% of the profit going to impoverished communities, and the conversation naturally turned to travel. He has had some incredible adventures and I thought it was a crime not to have him share some here. So, enjoy Chris’ story or visit AdventureHoney to check out the adventures on offer. And for the record, this isn’t a sponsored post, it’s just something cool!

How did the idea for AdventureHoney come about? After a ‘gruelling’ two years spent travelling through 50 countries, across six continents, AdventureHoney was born. In my travels, I noticed that although there were a host of online options for booking flights, accommodation, travel insurance, rental cars etc there was very little when it came to tours and activities and everything out there was lame (i.e. bus tour of city sights…meh!)

Now, I dare say that for any adventurous traveller many of the greatest experiences can’t be bought. However, there are many amazing things to do that are only possible if bought from a trusted operator. Whether white water rafting a remote jungle river, tearing over single track trails on a mountain bike or scuba diving a tropical reef – AdventureHoney is the place where you find and book all those adventurous tours and activities. In fact, the name is a reflection of what we offer – the adventurous ‘honey on top’ for your travels – connecting you to all those cool things to do.

What makes AdventureHoney different from other travel booking sites? In a sentence: A place to buy adventurous tours and activities direct from operators, curated by fellow travellers, which generate a positive local impactevery time an experience is sold.

So, there’s three points that make us unique:

1. Adventure experience specialists.

2. Buy experiences curated by fellow travellers, like TripAdvisor with a booking engine.

3. We leave a positive local impact on the people and place. 25% of the proceeds invested into our Changemaker Program, investing in social entrepreneurs suffering extreme poverty.


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