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With over 100 startups launched so far, we’ve learned a lot on the way of what makes an awesome startup. At BlueChilli we are constantly improving our program to make it the best possible way for someone with an idea to start a company.  Here’s our promise to you:

We will help you find your team

We’re breaking the stereotype of what a “tech startup” looks like. Non-coding founders need to “give away” 50% of their idea to a guy in a hoodie to be considered a “real” startup.  We remove this barrier by investing an entire product team into your startup, helping you get early traction and then helping you find the right team when it counts the most.

We will help you launch your startup

Globally, 42% of startups fail due to the wrong product and 75% of tech startup budgets are spent on technology.  So we make it easier for you to prove your idea by lending a full stack tech team to each entrepreneur to build the first product. This approach mitigates scope creep, cost blowouts and misaligned idea-product.

We will help you get your first customer

Traction is the lifeblood of a startup, and by partnering with corporates with our innovation programs we help you get your first pilot. By starting with a corporate need on day one, we build startups that have an immediate reach with a motivated partner geared to the startup’s success.

We will invest cash into your startup and help you raise capital

We have raised over $60M in to our startups and over 50% of our startups get externally funded, and we invest in every single startup in our portfolio. With a network of over 300 high net worth investors, a capital raising platform and venture capital funds to invest directly in startups, we make it easier for you to raise money.

We believe there is no better way to start an idea.  We’re daring to challenge what an “ideal startup” looks like by empowering people with great ideas and great business skills to launch their dream tech startup.