I’m pretty excited to be shortlisted for Australia’s Most Inspiring Young Engineer by the body of Engineers in Australia.  Below is an extract from the press release:

Young Engineers Australia put out a call late last year for Australia’s Most Inspiring Young Engineers, as part of the 2010 Year of Engineering Leadership.

“We are looking for motivated, inspirational engineers who display technical excellence, creativity or innovation; exceptional leadership or mentorship; or have made an outstanding contribution to the profession or society. The search will highlight the breadth of talent of Australia’s young engineers and celebrate their achievements.”


Young Engineers Australia is pleased to announce the shortlist for the list of Australia’s Most Inspiring Young Engineers:

  • Andrew Bagnall
  • Andrew Botros
  • Ashley Kingsborough
  • Darren Loman
  • Jillian Kilby
  • Julian O’Shea
  • Kathryn Smith
  • Kim Axworthy
  • Kimberley Clayfield
  • Michael D’Onofrio
  • Rachel Ann Coxon
  • Salma Farouque
  • Sebastian Eckersley-Maslin
  • Steven Lindsay
  • Suzanne Morris


I find out in a few weeks if I’ve been selected, and I’m heading up to the awards night in Brisbane.

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