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How can we help more startups in Australia build better products and grow faster?

This is a key question the BlueChilli team asks itself regularly.

More startup successes lead to a bigger ecosystem, and the faster we can grow the ecosystem the better for our economy, community and, of course, every single founder. And it turns out, we were not the only ones asking this question.

BlueChilli’s new Head of Product, Benjamin F. Wirtz, has been pondering the exact same question while driving better Product Management practices in various startups (including 3 of his own), as well as at big companies like Google and Atlassian.

We are excited to announce that Benjamin is joining us and will drive our mutual mission forward.

Here’s what Ben has to say about his new role:

“What we are trying to do is, essentially, to productise Product Management – taking a problem and building successful products that solve those problems.

The patterns of early stage startups – from validating problems, building MVP experiments and iterating towards serious pilots as a gateway to high growth – are very similar, no matter which industry a startup is in.

We want more founders to benefit from the best practices we have found while launching over 100 startups and mix those with the deep domain expertise they have built up. That’s the combination we believe will create the kind of founders that will push the Australian ecosystem forward.

Product Management as a discipline is not as young as many may think – many of the core Product principles and techniques have played a key role in the early stages of today’s Fortune 500. They all succeeded not by having a great idea, but by being relentless about identifying problems and finding solutions that solve those problems better, faster or cheaper. That’s what Product Management is really all about.”


The Best & Worst Ways to Build a Product

Benjamin Wirtz will be available to answer all your product management questions at our upcoming fireside chat: The Best (and Worst) Ways to Build a Product at the BlueChilli Sydney offices!

Join us at 5.30pm on Thursday the 8th of November to hear more about startup product management. We invite all founders and people with a business idea to come along.