By popular demand: the Nerf Turret video

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Over the summer break, the team at Intel were kind enough to give us some development gear to have a play with. And our CEO Seb built an automated Nerf Turret controlled via a Slack channel that can shoot a member of the BlueChilli development team with a Nerf dart if they get out of line. In Seb’s previous post he covers the detail of construction and components, and In his first post, he writes about the Nerf Turret concept and the next wave of technology evolution – the “internet of things”.

But, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Many readers of the previous posts wanted to know: what does a Slack-controlled automated Nerf Turret look like when acquiring and firing on a software developer? Can we see a video?

Again, thanks to the folks at Intel Australia, here is a video. Enjoy!

Intel Australia provided the development kits for this project.