When starting a project which involves design, I look for inspiration.  Inspiration is a good thing, it allows you to get a quick feel for what you want to do and helps drive you down a path that you’re happy with.

Every time I see something that looks good on the web, something that has a good design element, I take a quick screenshot and save it to my computer in a folder called ‘inspiration’.  One of my favourite sources of inspiration is the brilliant site DesignYourWay, and is one of the few blogs I eagerly anticipate the next post.  They source the web and bring beautiful designs of websites, logos, posters and anything graphic design related.

After a few years of collecting I have a few thousand snippets, ranging from simple colour schemes all the way to screenshots of websites and photographs I’ve taken.  This is the modern day version of what my grandfather has done for the last 40 years.  As a painter, his studio is covered with art snippets stuck over the walls.

So when starting AutoCarLog the first thing I did is create a ‘mood board’ – a digital collection of snippets and photos.  Here I’ve taken snippets of sites I like the look and feel of, logos and icons that look good and photos to draw inspiration from.

AutoCarLog mood board

Here you’ll see websites from Spreedly, instabox, Supersonic Ads and Freckle, images from EchoSign, logos from interio, cloud corner, day one fitness, PostPal, PedaGog and Zoo Smart, a JCW Mini Cooper S and the speedo from a VW Touareg W12 Sport.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

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