Recently BlueChilli has been focusing on Melbourne, our objective is to make four investments in Melbourne by the end of this year with a supporting team with them. We’ve been supporting and sponsoring the awesome Melbourne community, including the very successful Lean Startup Melbourne (seriously, if you’re in Melbourne – get to one of their events) and our BlueChilli t-shirts have been popping up everywhere.

As a result, we have been inundated with awesome entrepreneurs and founders with great ideas. So far, we’ve heard over 100 pitches and have made two investments in Liquorun and Wish Registry.

Liquorun was founded by three AFL players and is lead by Joel Macdonald. It’s an business with a simple marketing message but with a powerful scalable infrastructure behind the scenes. Liquorun is an app with a button that says “Bring me Beer” and our team of drivers will deliver the beer to you within 30 minutes. Brilliant. The big picture is the distributed logistics platform we’re building together and the team running it, under Joel’s leadership have the experience, passion and drive to make it work. Looking forward to playing with this one!

Our second Melbourne investment is Wish Registry, founded by Claire Summers. Claire is an amazing founder who has built up a wealth of experience in retail marketing and built a strong reputation in this space. Her last role before focusing on Wish Registry was as Marketing Sales Manager at Target and has some impressive numbers to back her vision and strategic thinking and she also managed to build a business to support a not for profit, growing $130k in an incredibly short amount of time.

Immediately I was impressed with Claire and when she presented her idea, Wish Registry, I was excited. Wish Registry enables us guys to never forget a birthday, or anniversary, or mother’s day event ever again. And it also enables the loved ones in our lives to receive gifts that they actually want. Like with Liquorun, behind the scenes is a powerful data analytics engine too.

Two amazing companies in Melbourne and we’re looking forward to seeing them grow!


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