Meet Flynn Tesoriero, 14 year old founder of Launchdeck

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Hi, my name is Flynn Tesoriero, a 14 year old kid from the Northern Beaches of Australia. I have just spent a week in the new BlueChilli HQ! I was invited back to do an internship during the school holidays after attending an Hour Of Code event hosted by BlueChilli. The opportunity to participate in an Hour of Code came about through my school, Northern Beaches Christian School, where a group of us attended.

flynn tesoriero

During the internship I worked on one of my personal projects, Launchdeck. Launchdeck is a community for entrepreneurs and creators to showcase their projects and gain the exposure they deserve. During my week long internship at BlueChilli, I got the opportunity to talk with designers and developers which gave me a chance to fine tune and work on Launchdeck. I am very pleased with what I was able to achieve with the help of the people at BlueChilli!

This whole experience has given me an insight into the workings of the startup world which I hope I can play a part in the future. I would have to say the biggest thing I learned was the amount of behind the scenes work that goes into a web startup. I found the process from idea to product fascinating. I was also pleasantly surprised at the whole laid back feel that BlueChilli has. It doesn’t feel like and office, but just a huge collaborative space. To me, this is a huge difference from the stereotypical office, with cubicles and people keeping to themselves.

Thank you to the BlueChilli team for the opportunity!

Editor’s note: Flynn’s a very capable young founder and far too humble. While at our Hour Of Code event, he impressed us with his development of an ad-funded URL shortener, and we invited him back for a week of work experience during his school holidays. We had a great time advising Flynn on his business strategy for Launchdeck and hope he stays in touch. BlueChilli’s high school internships are offered only on an invitation-only basis twice per year but if you know an exceptional high school-aged technologist you think we can help, get in touch via our social media channels.