This week I’m very excited to announce that we’ve launched Moneysoft into public beta. Moneysoft is our investment in Peter Malekas and his fantastic team which includes Pat O’Sullivan, former COO of Nine and follows on from a successful seed funding round of $660,000 which closed late last year.

What I want to talk about is the stunning designs we did on this website, with Helena taking the reigns and really doing something spectacular. Starting with the brand, we completely revamped the styles and design from the existing demo site.  The brief was simple: follow the clean lines of the swiss Metro style (recently popularised by Microsoft), make it trustworthy, easy to use and intuitive.  I’m really proud of what we’ve done here, and there’s still a lot more in the production pipeline on functionality on where we want to take it.

The development on this project was definitely a team effort.  Our front end team lead by Shane then went to town and built in some stunning visual transitions and made it easy to follow.  Dave head up the back end team and I’m pretty sure that everyone of the devs had a chance to write some code at one stage.  (Alas, I’m no longer allowed!)

So what is Public Beta?

Public beta follows closed beta and is the final live testing phase we go through all our applications before we do our hard launch and go “live”. Our PR and media campaigns kick in at the “live” stage. This lets us track and monitor organic growth of the application and mitigate any final unknown bugs by reducing the impact to the public. It’s a pretty amazing accomplishment, having taken hundreds of development hours and hundreds more of design hours to get here.

Where to from here?

The next stage for Moneysoft is completing private beta and then executing on our marketing plan to gain traction and users.  From there, it’s anyone’s guess but we’ve got big ambitions for this money managing business.

Until then, check it out at – it’s free to try

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