There are so many blogs out there about the power of positive thinking, about always looking forward and up and the benefits it can bring to your personal and business life.  I know I’m being flippant here, as I honestly believe in the positive visualisation techniques, but how often do you look at yourself and say “I’m rubbish”?

I do it often.

Now why would someone who has just admitted to using positive thinking methods look at themselves and say they’re crap? Why? Because I want to identify my weaknesses.

I want to identify my weakness so I can over come them.  A weakness doesn’t have to mean a flaw, it could be something that-which-you’re-not-as-good-as-you-want-to-be.

One of my weaknesses is sales.  I’m rubbish at sales.  I’m not a sales person, I’ve never been trained, I don’t really enjoy it and now I’m making excuses. I identified this weakness quite some time ago now and I have taken some strong positive steps to over come it.

  1. Eradicate & Educate. If your weakness can be overcome by education or training, then do it! There is no better investment than in yourself.  How important you see overcoming your weakness will dictate how much effort, time and money you want to throw at it. With my sales weakness I have invested in professional sales training and will shortly commence a 12 month professional development course in this area where I’ll network and work with other successful sales personnel.
  2. Substitute.  Most people find themselves spending more of their time in the areas where they are bad to compensate for the fact they are bad in it.  Instead they should spend the majority of their time where they’re good and get other people to work in the areas they’re bad in.  With my sales “weakness”, the first people I generally take on board in a venture are in sales.  Their strength in sales means they’re working where they’re good and I can spend more time in my strength areas.
  3. Raionalise.  Just as important as telling yourself you can do anything is knowing how to get there.  If you could do everything then there would be no point to challenge yourself.  I’ve picked sales as a weakness and am doing something to rectify it.

So, what is your weakness?

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