This month I’m very excited that BlueChilli has again invested in two fantastic companies, The Exchange Company and Food Orbit.

The Exchange Company

Head up by real estate sales guru Matt O’Rouke, The Exchange Company is an amazing new concept in holiday home sharing.  I won’t give up too much detail here, but it’s a great leap forward in how this market is being done and Matt is the best person in Australia to lead it.

Food Orbit

As an amateur ‘foodie’ (I say amateur because next to our lead UX designer, I am no way an expert!) I’m keenly interested in Food Orbit.  Fresh from graduating the last Founder Institute course in Sydney, James Nathan is keen to put his skills to practice with Food Orbit.  Food Orbit connects local farmers with leading restauranteurs promoting a sustainable food marketplace.

BlueChilli’s process takes around 4 months to launch each new startup in to private beta before we start shouting about it, but we’re all looking forward to working on the brand, wireframes, designs and the development of these two fantastic new businesses.


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