Helping SAAS business startup Shoeboxed Australia forge a new path

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BlueChilli is probably best-known for partnering with entrepreneurs to build brand-new startups, but actually we get to work with later-stage startups too. We’ve just announced one of Australia’s best-known SAAS startups, Shoeboxed Australia, is working with BlueChilli, so we can help them develop a new business, independent of the US parent, Shoeboxed Inc.

An Australian receipt scanning technology pioneer, Shoeboxed Australia is forging its own path after it became apparent the US market and Australian markets had diverged considerably, and it became difficult for Shoeboxed Inc to support the localisation needs of the business here.

Simon Foster, Founder & CEO, brought Shoeboxed to Australia in April 2010 and is credited with being one of the early drivers of receipt scanning technologies for the small business and accounting/bookkeeping sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

“This was a mutual decision based on differing customer needs, which ultimately require quite different development priorities,” Foster says. “Australian tax reporting requirements are very different.”

In preparation for the changes, Shoeboxed Australia has partnered with BlueChilli as technology partner and is in the midst of a Series A capital raise.

“Being able to stand on our own two feet both ownership and development-wise, allows for that to happen more smoothly now. We expect to be able to successfully close our funding round shortly,” Foster says.

If you haven’t yet tried Shoeboxed, it’s time to start saving time. Empty out that wallet, purse, pocket or shoebox you keep cluttered with receipts, invoices, business cards and other paper stuff. Either scan it all into Shoeboxed Australia’s free smartphone app or just throw it all into the prepaid, pre-addressed envelope Shoeboxed will mail to you. When the envelope arrives at Shoeboxed your jumble of paper all gets straightened, scanned, categorised, checked by a human and then made available to you online. Shoeboxed will free you from the drudgery that is receipt, expense and invoice data entry, so you can… read more blog posts 😉

The goodness doesn’t stop there — Shoeboxed can send all your categorised, ATO-compliant and searchable data on to your accounts with support for Xero, MYOB, Saasu, Intuit Quickbooks Online and Reckon Accounts.

Check it out with up to 50 bits of paper for 30 days, after which monthly subscriptions begin at $16.95. And stay tuned because we love working with the awesome team at Shoeboxed Australia, and we have plans to make this product do fantastically useful things for you!