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Introducing the finalists

With the date of the Pitch Event approaching rapidly, it is finally time to present to you the five finalists of the #HelloHealthTech innovation challenge! The finalists are currently halfway through their bootcamp at BlueChilli, which is a fun but at the same time challenging experience. With Pitching workshops, strategy and validation sessions and media trainings all included, the bootcamp presents an intense couple of weeks demanding a lot from the finalists, even for the more seasoned entrepreneurs amongst them.

During the strategy and validation sessions the BlueChilli advisors challenge the finalists on all elements of their business idea, from customer validation to business model and from competitors to intellectual property. The advisors don’t mince their words and give the finalists targeted feedback to help them build strong foundations for their businesses. At the same time, the entrepreneurs’ presenting skills are sharpened with pitching workshops and media trainings to make sure they are able to clearly articulate and communicate the unique and valuable aspects of their startups. As many startup founders know, pitching is a form of art on its own. During the workshops the finalists learn various pitching formats so that they are ready to pitch at the drop of a hat – whether that’s explaining what’s u do to friends at a barbeque or getting on stage at a pitching competition. Doing a camera interview after a long bootcamp day was certainly a good exercise for the ultimate test: the Westpac Pitching Event next week where one winner will walk away with $40,000 to build their business.

Overall, we’re glad to say all finalists have presented themselves as true winners during the bootcamp and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of them. These healthcare innovators have each taken a unique approach to improving productivity in healthcare and, looking at the range of technologies they are using, it’s safe to say there are exciting times ahead for the industry!

Check out the five finalists below and don’t forget to vote for your favourite on to help them earn the People’s Choice prize of $5000!


Justin Wong_OnCallogist

OnCallogist: OnCallogist aims to disrupt the pager space, without disrupting hospital workflow. OnCallogist provides a clinical task management mobile app that empowers clinicians with real-time information to see patients faster and provide better patient care. Vote now for OnCallogist!


Marcus Wilson_Surgical Partners

Surgical Partners: Surgical Partners created a financial management platform for medical practices and their doctors. Surgical Partners integrates any practice management system with any accounting system, and splits doctors’ billings into practice share, and doctor share, in real-time. Vote now for Surgical Partners!


Emma and Vojdan_Cyph MD

Cyph MD: Cyph MD developed a communications platform for secure data-sharing between stakeholders within the healthcare industry. Cyph MD leverages blockchain technology to streamline communication and data-sharing across the entire healthcare network. Vote now for Cyph MD!


Marita Cheng_Aipoly

Aipoly: Aipoly uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to respond to the needs of the 285 million visually impaired people worldwide. Its first product, Aipoly Vision, is an app for smartphones containing AI that describes objects in real-time. Vote now for Aipoly!


James and Sam_SkinView

SkinView: SkinView converts a smartphone into a device that allows anyone, anywhere to obtain an automated diagnosis of skin cancer with the option to send it into the cloud for dermatologist confirmation. Vote now for SkinView!