GroceryButler merges with ShopWings

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This week we’re excited to share the announcement that a BlueChilli portfolio startup, GroceryButler, will merge with ShopWings, another grocery delivery startup backed by the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG) the joint venture between Oreedo and Rocket Internet.

The merged company will operate under the brand of ShopWings and we expect the combined business will leverage its strength to further accelerate growth, taking advantage of the worldwide shift from offline to online grocery shopping. ShopWings will operate in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Here at BlueChilli, we love GroceryButler’s capital-efficient approach to growing a business, its ability to allow customers to order from both Coles and ALDI in a single order, its ability to deliver products from IKEA, and frankly, the company’s seemingly effortless way of getting great coverage on TV. All this is a great match for ShopWing’s market analytics technology, strength in complementary markets and ability to leverage e-commerce intelligence from the APACIG portfolio companies in other markets.

The merger creates clear synergies, providing the new entity with a cutting- edge technological platform, an enhanced logistics network, an increased client base and complementary geographical footprint.

ShopWings will be supported by BlueChilli with original investors including the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG) and the BlueChilli Venture Fund remaining. The management team will be led by Guillaume Ang, current COO of ShopWings who will become the CEO of the joined entity, and current CEO of Grocery Butler Michael Parthenides who will lead Melbourne Operations. Manutea Dupont, the current Managing Director for ShopWings will remain on the entity’s board of director along with Michael Parthenides.

Guillaume Ang, the incoming CEO of ShopWings, said, “Online grocery shopping has huge market potential. Why spend time in queues when you can get your groceries conveniently delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks? We are convinced of the strategic benefits of the alliance between ShopWings and Grocery Butler, forming a strong market leader with an impressive track record in technology, operations and sales”

About ShopWings

ShopWings is an ‘instant delivery’ service for groceries and other retailers which connects customers to a personal shopper who hand-picks items from their favourite local store. Customers enjoy an unmatched level of convenience with deliveries in as little as one hour and more precise 1-hour delivery windows.