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Melbourne has a pretty great rep for street art. Hosier and Union Lanes in the CBD are hotspots for tourists and art lovers to appreciate amazing urban creators. At BlueChilli Melbourne, we are lucky enough to have a very “Melbourne” warehouse space. We reside in a bluestone heritage listed building, on the top level of 520 Bourke Street within the Teamsquare offices.

Our space is really beautiful, with lots of natural light and high, vaulted ceilings. However, it was lacking in colour and needed some “vibe”. Therefore we decided to bring some art from the streets around us, to our workspace. We considered wall wraps, chalkboard art, stencils, and ended up agreeing that graffiti styling was right up our startup alley.

Not content with just adding a little colour, we wanted to get one wall of the office space, and the large meeting room splashed with colour. They were so, so blank.

BlueChilli Melbourne Office
The original blank canvas


We found George (Geo) in the traditional way of course, via personal call outs on Facebook for recommendations. Whilst there were some fabulous folks come into our space, none were quite like Geo.

Though the brief was simple in concept and allowed freedom of expression, it could be perceived as difficult to interpret. BlueChilli is built on the 3 values of People, Purpose, and Passion. We are a company that sees the value in great ideas that have the capacity to change the world. BlueChilli brings to life new and exiting companies, with passionate people leading them. We wanted to reflect these concepts on our walls.

Even though written values are great, as a design brief they are as clear as mud right? 😉  Geo, however didn’t flinch. She decided to take a couple of hours absorbing the sense of the space and came out with some amazing initial sketches.

The characters themselves start as small bulbs that rise from the “thought swamps,” only to grow into plant or animal organisms which breed and release the idea bubbles.  At the peak of the idea when the concept is fully realised the bubbles pop. – Geo
BlueChilli Melbourne Graffiti Sketch
First sketch / thought process.
BlueChilli Melbourne Graffiti Sketch
First full colour sketch.

YES! So much yes! We locked her in to paint our walls immediately after she showed us these initial sketches. The fact we could wrap the design around from the office space and into the meeting room was genius and very exciting.


Armed with more than 20 cans of spray paint, Geo had 3 days (Mon-Sun) to transform our walls. Considering the often rushed and “ahem” risky life of a graf artist, this meant plenty of time for George to make mural magic.

Rather than do a tremendously uncool job of explaining the graffiti process, watch this awesome time lapse of the mural coming together over the 3 days.

She battled through the intense paint fumes, the hand cramps and second guessing knowing when the job was done to end up with this awesome artwork …

BlueChill Melbourne Graffiti Wall
The meeting room.
BlueChill Melbourne Graffiti Wall
The office space.

Thanks so much Geo for doing such a rad job! It’s amazing how much livelier the space looks with your art in it. She is definitely on the lookout for more work like this, so be sure to check out the rest of her work on Instagram or Facebook.

Geomadethis Graffiti
Geo in front of her graffiti wall.