Australia’s leading Internet venture fund, Future Capital Development Fund (FCDF), today announced it has invested into start-up incubator, BlueChilli Technology (“BlueChilli”). BlueChilli is a “venture technology” company that builds and invests in digital start-ups by providing technology, resources and mentorship. BlueChilli is currently launching a new online business every 2 months and has projections to increase this to 1 new start-up every month in 2012. BlueChilli operates a unique model combining a fee and equity for service model for clients, specialising in online-based start-ups providing the smarts required to build and commercialise online opportunities.

BlueChilli was founded by Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, one of Anthill Magazine’s inaugural 30under30 Award winners who for the past decade has been balancing the demands of a full time Naval career, a Masters in Engineering as well as starting BlueChilli. His capabilities are boundless having invented and is co-owner of a patent on autonomous landing systems for military unmanned aircraft. While in 2009, he returned from active duty in Iraq with a drive to storm the ‘front line’ of Australian business with BlueChilli Technology.

Domenic Carosa, Executive Chairman of FCDF stated “We are impressed by Sebastian’s drive, passion, ingenuity and genuine desire to help BlueChilli’s clients succeed. We believe this attitude is contagious and can only ensure BlueChilli’s success as an incubation engine for Australian Internet entrepreneurs. This approach is aligned with Future Capital’s investment objectives and consequently we see enormous synergy between Future Capital and BlueChilli.”

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, founder and CEO of BlueChilli stated “I have singlehandedly built BlueChilli to this point but I’m passionate about reaching out and playing my part in the promotion of Australia’s entrepreneurs and in building innovative online ventures. With Future Capital’s support I can now accelerate this and grow exponentially with a partner and investor that is aligned to my vision.”

Andrew Fiori-Dea, CEO of FCDF stated “Sebastien has an enviable client list, excellent partnerships and investments, as well as leading technologists as part of his team. We are confident that together we can play a role in transforming Australia’s technology and investment landscape with our investment in BlueChilli.

BlueChilli now joins 12 other fast growing companies as part of the Future Capital portfolio and will be headquartered in dedicated Sydney premises housing both Future Capital investments as well as incubator companies associated with BlueChilli. It is expected that this will become a hotbed for innovative Internet companies in Sydney with plans for the same in Melbourne.

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