The apps market can be hugely lucrative. Consider the happy fate of the New York-based social game developer OMGPOP, maker of the smart phone art game Draw Something. On March 22, news surfaced that Zynga, the San Francisco-based developer of social games such as FarmVille had bought OMGPOP.

Lured by Draw Something, Zynga paid a sum worthy of a Dutch masterpiece: a cool $200 million. Draw Something earned OMGPOP big bucks for uncomplicated reasons, according to Sebastien Eckersley–Maslin: the founder of the Sydney-based app building firm Blue Chilli, which invests in tech start ups.

Draw Something is simple and fun to use, Eckersley–Maslin says.

He adds that, despite the media portraying maker OMGPOP as an “overnight success”, OMGPOP took six years and $17 million in funding to get there. OMGPOP had produced 35 games and almost gone bankrupt before Draw Something, which runs on the iOS (iPhone OS), Android and Facebook platforms, made its mark.  So do not expect any app to yield instant cash.
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