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GiggedIn – Edwin Onggo

Edwin Onggo wants live music to be a part of every person’s weekly routine and he’s determined to make it happen. He’s on a mission to get everyone off their couches and into live shows, and with most of us stuck to a screen all day, whether it be at work or home, Ed and his team have set themselves quite a challenge.

But Ed has an ace up his sleeve. With his startup GiggedIn, which gives its members unlimited guest-list access to gigs in their city for a monthly fee, getting out of the house couldn’t be easier or more affordable. GiggedIn is currently available in Sydney and Melbourne, and Australia is just the beginning.

With a background in digital marketing, advertising and media, Ed is passionate about live music and shaking up the industry to benefit all the players involved, from talent to promoters to venues and of course, the average music lover. 

We sat down with Ed to find out how he got started, what he’s learnt and what’s next for GiggedIn. 




What’s the problem you decided to address with your startup?

More than 9/10 music events do not sell out. I’ve always loved music and back when I was at uni, would get so frustrated as a gig lover that I couldn’t afford to go to all the shows I wanted. Which got me thinking – how can we make it more affordable and easier for more people to go out? That’s when I thought of the idea of GiggedIn‘s membership service.

Our model now is clever because it fills up venues, gets people out of the house, and helps promoters take advantage of excess capacity for really incredible shows.


What was the ‘ah ha’ moment that made you realise you needed to do this?

When I got tired that I couldn’t see all my favourite acts live and enough was enough! I was going through uni and was always finding shows that I wanted to go to each week, but it was hard to afford going to more shows and hard convincing mates to go and discover acts they hadn’t heard of yet.




When did you realise you didn’t want to go it alone?

I realised this very early on, before I even started. I always make sure to surround myself with people much smarter than me.


What’s your superpower as a founder?

My superpower is super learning. The ability to absorb and adapt quickly, avoid mistakes made by others, and to be able to hack my own brain and feed it so it never stops growing.


What’s one way you see your startup influencing the future?

We’re going to get millions of people off their screens every day and make experiencing music the normal way to enjoy your spare time. There’s nothing better than the feeling of the energy of the room of an awesome act playing live.

We’re in the business of enriching lives through music.

In addition, we have a model which increases the consumption of going out to shows which means we’re creating lots of new opportunities for artists and helping venues remain sustainable. So in a way, we’re a force driving growth and sustainability for culture in the cities we work in.


What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned so far as a startup founder?

To win in this game, it’s all about people, people, people. Find the best, and work with them so they can do their best.


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