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ResponSight – Jeff Paine 

With a rich history in startups, corporate life and even the creative world, Jeff set out to do the one thing he hadn’t done yet; be a solo founder in an accelerator program. He had been facing the same human-centered tech security challenges for over a decade and when the Disrupt@Scale competition came across his Twitter feed, he decided to give his idea a shot in the dark. Here’s how he sees it.


What’s the problem you decide to address with your startup?

Despite all of the amazing (and expensive) security technology out there being used by large and small business, hackers continue to get in.  ResponSight is taking a new and different approach to detecting hacking and breaches by focusing on things unrelated to security (like user behaviour).


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What was the ‘ah ha’ moment that you realised you needed to do this?

It was in 2010, when in the same day I had been advising a large multinational on how to better secure their network only to spend the afternoon helping a different (but similar) multinational clean up after a hacker had breached their network.  I realised that previous approaches to preventing breaches were based on old approaches and ideas, and I knew there had to be a better and different way to tackle the problem.


When did you realise you didn’t want to go it alone?

Enterprise and corporate security technology is not something that’s purchased online with a credit card.  It was important that I partner with an incubator who had access to networks and contacts, and could introduce me to the right people in the right levels of big business.


BlueChilli’s Disrupt@scale program included a Big 4 bank as a corporate partner, so the choice was logical. 


What’s your superpower as a founder?

I’ve done startups before, so the amount of work required is no surprise.  

I’ve learnt the hard lessons in the trenches, lost my own money when bootstrapping, experienced the challenges of co-founder issues and experienced what it takes to achieve a good exit.  

It means I’m an older founder these days, but it also means I actually “get” the size of the problem and what it takes to solve it


What’s one way you see your startup influencing the future?

In the security industry, we’ve always recognised that security is actually about people and trust, but we’ve ignored that in the way we develop security technologies and the way they get implemented.  ResponSight directly links the behaviour and activity of people with the continual verification of trust, which means we might finally be able to shift the balance of power away from the attackers and provide the network defenders with a capability that will empower them to protect their people and companies


TechFallout 2
Everyone thinks it’s fine…until it’s not. Don’t let it happen to your business.


What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned so far as a startup founder?

I’m always amazed by how supportive and embracing the startup community is.

People are always willing to make an introduction, share a link, or have a chat, and don’t expect anything in return.  When it’s hard going or things aren’t going as planned, it’s nice to chat with someone who’s experienced the same thing, or can help simply providing a different perspective.  It’s powerful stuff and highly rewarding.


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