BlueChilli unveils their first HealthTech startups for Southeast Asia

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Emerging entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia will tackle regional health issues from mental health and chronic disease to the future of genomics in the BlueChilli HealthTech Accelerator.

After an intensive talent search across Southeast Asia, 10 emerging entrepreneurs passionate about radically improving regional health outcomes have been selected for the BlueChilli HealthTech Accelerator in Singapore, forming the first four startups to join the programme.

Through the programme, developed in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, founders will gain access to BlueChilli’s venture studio to help them advance their products, rapidly scale their customer base, secure investments and expand their teams.

Founders will also gain access to BlueChilli’s powerful network of programme partners and industry advisors from leading corporations and stakeholders across healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, science and research institutions, investors, consulting firms and successful scale-ups across Singapore and Australia.

“The impressive calibre of passionate and impact-driven founders invited to join our programme speaks to the great promise in the entrepreneurial talents of Southeast Asia,” said BlueChilli programme director Seow Hui Hong. “The early stage startups selected for the programme are tackling issues in mental health, chronic disease, preventive care and efficiency of small health service providers – and we believe in their potential to improve health outcomes in the region.”

The first startups invited to join the programme include:

  • Safe Space – Improving access to early intervention and sustainable therapy support for mental health issues. They are currently developing a mobile-first solution powered with AI-enabled chatbot, that provides 24/7 on-demand, affordable and online and offline counselling therapy tailored to local markets.
  • Advanx Health – Shifting mindset towards preventive health and enabling personalised care through genomics. From providing individuals with insights and solutions based on their genetic profile, they are now focused on growing their health and wellness offerings for individuals to follow-up in improving their targeted health concerns.
  • Xenomites – Freeing our population from the most common source of Hay Fever in Southeast Asia without drugs. They are working on a product to efficiently deliver a proprietary, clinically-proven mix of agents to drastically reduce dust mite colonies in home and community settings.
  • Reemedy – Increasing efficiency of supply chain for small healthcare providers so clinicians can focus on delivering quality primary care. They are developing a B2B procurement platform and marketplace that provide real-time pricing and transparent access to medical supplies with reviews from fellow practitioners and providers , integrated with clinic management software.

These startups join BlueChilli’s portfolio of 140+ companies, and represent the first step in BlueChilli’s three-year commitment for the programme to support entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. Leading venture studio and innovation group, BlueChilli has demonstrated success delivering valuable investment and commercial outcomes: 80% of startups in its last programme secured commercial traction and pilots with partners by the end of the programme.

The startups were selected by startup experts at BlueChilli alongside a panel of Singapore’s leading champions of health and innovation, including: Enterprise Singapore’s Deputy Director of Health and Biomedical Sciences, Audrey Lok; Novartis’ Head of Business Model Transformation, Asia Cluster, Miguel Rivera; Mercer’s Head of Innovation and Data Analytics, Nan Duangnapa; Resmed’s VP of Manufacturing, Nathan Row; Zuelig Pharma’s Head of Digital Investments and Partnerships, Benjamin Belot and; Mundipharma’s Chief Medical Officer, Yacine Hadjiat.

Seow said successful innovation in Southeast Asia’s nascent HeathTech sector required a rich and diverse ecosystem working together to unlock new, disruptive opportunities.

“BlueChilli is committed to bringing together startups with our powerful network of corporate and industry partners to collaborate on innovations that will dramatically improve health outcomes in the region,” she said. “Southeast Asia is only just beginning to realise its potential for health innovation. We are excited to welcome the first startups from the region into the BlueChilli family, and we are committed to continue growing the programme and our investment in the region’s potential.”

The startups were selected for the programme based on the founders’ ambition and capabilities to advance ideas in improving health in Southeast Asia, as well as the founder fit for the programme to make the most impact in realising their startups’ potential.

According to programme partner Galen Growth Asia, 2019 is set to be a strong year for healthtech funding activities in Southeast Asia. The region has already closed 27 deals (worth US$189M) in the first half of 2019 – this represents a threefold increase compared to the same period last year.

The programme – which is supported by partners CSIRO, Galen Growth Asia, Mercer, Resmed and The Working Capitol – will culminate in January 2020 with an Investor Showcase where the startups will pitch to a room of leading investors from across APAC.