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BlueChilli was started in late 2011 on the founding principle of helping entrepreneurs start and launch a tech-company.

On the eve of launching our latest program, Xcelerate, I was reflecting with our partners at Coca-Cola Amatil on the reason “why” we were all bought together in this moment.

The Origins of BlueChilli

My “reason why” has it’s roots in Ubud, Bali. I was with a group and we were all in town to celebrate the wedding of a mutual friend, Domenic Carosa (who’s company, now listed as Crowd Mobile, purchased one of my first startups).

In classic Ubud style, we were staying together in one of Ubud’s awesome holiday homes. It was here, bobbing around in a swimming pool, my group of friends started talking about startup ideas.

The First Build

One of these ideas was a product to help real estate managers manage property defects for their rental clients, pitched by my dear friend Kirsty Dunphey, a legend in Real Estate. The challenge was, for all these ideas, that my entrepreneurial friends had huge domain expertise but didn’t necessarily know how to code or build the product.

As an engineer, I recall flippantly saying, “Yeah, I could build that in a couple of weeks”. Well, she put me to the test and the first ‘BlueChilli’ prototype was born.

Now of course it took me way longer than two weeks, but through that process I saw a huge opportunity to work with these amazing subject matter experts and bring the tech together. Six months later, I developed a business plan and received seed funding from Dom’s venture fund which kicked it all off.

Removing Barriers for Founders

I’ve written before about how BlueChilli’s model has evolved over the last six years, but one thing has remained true – this strong deep desire to enable experienced domain experts to build a tech company. We are now much better at articulating this too, by focusing on removing the four main barriers for entrepreneurship:

  1. Helping build the first product or prototype
  2. Helping get their first pilot or customer
  3. Helping raise the first amount of capital
  4. Helping hire their first employee

Our latest program, Xcelerate is a perfect example of this in action.

What Do Founders Get?

For successful applicants who can demonstrate how their knowledge, drive and passion can address one of the three key themes of Xcelerate, we will work with them to remove these four barriers:

  • we provide a full engineering team for 12 weeks to build the first product,
  • we will work with Coca-Cola Amatil to help get the first pilot,
  • we will invest up to $538,000 and help them raise further funding and,
  • we will help them build their networks to hire their first employee.

So if you’ve got a great idea for a startup and have your own strong reason “why” – there’s no better way today to start your own journey.

Applications for Xcelerate close Monday the 14th of May at 11.59am.