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Today we helped Coca-Cola Amatil launch Amatil Academy in Indonesia, the third component of our three pillar approach to corporate innovation and startup development, and the third country of operations for BlueChilli.

This program further deepens our engagement with Amatil and expands our reach from Australia and New Zealand to Indonesia. We’re on track to hit our bold ambition to be running BlueChilli programs and supporting startups and organisations across five countries by the end of 2020.

There are amazing new opportunities in Indonesia, which can be difficult for us to fully appreciate in Australia. The Amatil team have the depth and experience to be able to see problems and opportunities within their business and our program gives them the tools, the knowhow and the additional technical resources to help them build solutions. Once validated, these solutions have the potential to be spun out as new ventures, or incorporated in to business as usual – adding new growth horizons to the Amatil organisation.

BlueChilli has evolved over the last eight years and we help corporations do three things:
– identify and build new ventures with their own people
– partner and build new growth opportunities with startups
– invest and acquire technology and growth

Amatil are leading the way in all three of these innovation pillars, and we’re excited to be running Amatil Academy for them, to help them identify and build new ventures and growth opportunities within their team.

With Amatil Xcelerate, our startup accelerator program, we developed and accelerated 12 startups which were selected in part of how they could solve some of Amatil’s challenges, including live produce tracking with Sparrows.io, how to bring a million moments of happiness to couples with Spark, and Plastic waste collection with PastX.

However the best thing about today, is how we’re proudly exporting Australian innovation and thinking to the world.

Salamat Pagi!