The startup ideas which excite me are the ones you don’t know you’re using

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C Clarke

In our BlueChilli accelerator programs, we work with idea-stage and early-stage founders to build their first tech-based MVP – a minimum viable product. Step-by-step, we test their assumptions about their chosen problem and we build a solution, sometimes in a completely different way or with different technology than expected.

My favourite kind of startups are technologies where you’re not actually aware that you’re using the technology, where the benefit of the service of the product is so transparent to you that it ‘just happens’.

Existing BlueChilli Startups

We’ve had a huge range of tech used in our 100+ startup portfolio which includes (but isn’t limited to): personal data & big data, machine learning, IoT devices, augmented reality, blockchain, fintech, beacon technology, NFC technology, geospatial data, and marketplace platforms.

An example of a startup that uses seamless tech is SpaceConnect – a startup which manages meeting rooms and room utilisation, and is currently the holder of the largest mesh network in the southern hemisphere. Using beacon technology, your meeting space becomes ‘alive’ when you walk in, pre-orders coffee for you on your arrival and can even order an uber for you when you’re about to leave. It all happens seamlessly – magic.

Responsight uses technology which tracks how you uniquely use a computer to build a signature, so when someone tries to login as ‘you’, it can detect this fraudulent activity.

Jeff from Responsight
Jeff from Responsight

Our Xcelerate Program

Right now we’re looking for ideas for our new Xcelerate program in three broad categories, which can leverage the distribution channels available by our partners, Coca-Cola Amatil.

These themes are: health and wellbeing, personalisation and data, and logistics and supply chain. Rather than “sand box” an idea into each, I like to think about ideas which can intersect the three and which can leverage one of Australia’s great ASX companies.

Health & Wellbeing Previous Examples

Six years ago we built a prototype of a heart rate monitor which would monitor your heart as you slept and then provided valuable health diagnosis based on research out of WA.

Today, the miniturisation and proliferation of wearable technology makes the prospect of personalising health services based on your current and immediate needs possible.

Personalisation & Data Previous Examples

A contentious topic now, but still an area, with the right controls and protections, data personalisation can offer amazing value to people. I love how Netflix knows what I want to watch.

We’re working with voice services to learn how people use physical spaces based on how they communicate.

One of our startups is using AI algorithms to learn about stressful behaviour in a work place and to identify when people need support.

Logistics & Supply Chain Previous Examples

The movement of physical products around is an area which there are many possibilities for the blending of the physical and digital worlds.

We’re currently working on a phased-array radar drone tracking and air traffic control technology to service the future needs of a crowded air space.

We’ve got startups that look at last-mile delivery, apps and services to make the tracking and routing more efficient, decoupling a delivery addresses from a fixed physical location.

Dactyl Phased Array Radar Drone tracking technology developed at BlueChilli

New Startups & What Ifs

  • What if you could produce vitamins and health related products using a network of micro-dispensers on demand?
  • What if your provider knew when you needed more of a product based on your personal data?
  • But what if you didn’t need to deliver the physical good the whole journey? What if you had localised mini-manufacturing plants which could produce the goods and ship them the last mile only? The ‘delivery’ is therefore the digital blueprint.

To the end user, the service would appear to be faster, cheaper due to it’s efficiency – the technology behind it is ‘hidden’ but it appears like ‘magic’.

If you’ve got a great idea for a new tech product or service, pitch your idea today at before applications close on Monday May 14!