We’ve all heard about CPC, CPA, CTR, LTV, CAGR and EBITDA but if you’re not tracking the following key metrics, you’ll crash and burn:

  • At the very beginning EFCKYS (Earnings From Consulting to Keep Your Startup Afloat) is crucial.
  • If you’re not bootstrapping make sure you’re measuring CTTS (Coffees To Term Sheet).
  • From that moment on, you’ll think you’re tracking EBITDA but you’re actually tracking ESBCOSRU (Earnings Before Cost Of Sales Really Understood).
  • When you sit down with your advisor at the end of your first full financial year you may discover EBCTD (Earnings Before Confusion, Terror and Delegation)
  • All year until that point you’ll have been operating off the closely-related EBFUD (Earnings Before Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) – #hattip to Craig Stump.
  • Always have your SRPSP handy when you stumble to breakfast after only three hours sleep (Simplified Revenue Pacifying Spouse Or Partner)
  • If you’re having a great year beware of ROHMAC (Rate Of buying Herman Miller Aeron Chairs).
  • No matter your true financial performance, always ensure  stakeholders believe you are tracking UATTR (Up And To The Right).

Any other metrics I’ve forgotten?