I’ve recently come back from the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance global Summit held in Sydney where a global action plan to address youth unemployment was being developed.  Over 400 global entrepreneurs from the G20 countries descended upon Sydney to meet, discuss and learn.  The objective was that each attending country came up with an actionable plan to address each of the fundamental pillars of growing an entrepreneurial ecosystem to address unemployment. These pillars are:

  • Investment and innovation
  • Culture and growth
  • Trade and government
  • Education and growth

I was a panelist and speaker in the investment and innovation pillar, bringing my experience with BlueChilli’s portfolio of startups and my views on creating an ecosystem to support entrepreneurship.  Listening to the event and absorbing the conversations and discussions from other panellists and delegates, for me there are two key things that we need to do:

We must be awesome.  I said it at the StartupAus inaugural planning session, the best thing we as entrepreneurs can do is be awesome.  By being awesome, we share our awesomeness and help others celebrate in it.  This in turn will attract greater support from media, the community and eventually government.  The single best thing we can do as entrepreneurs is rock at it – by being awesome.

We must have a single focus.  Entrepreneurs are very good at coming up with heaps of ways to change the world – which is great, but we need to have a single focus of which to dive this attention.  Australians getting the ESOP recognised as a problem is a great example of the whole community rallying behind a single piece of legislation we want changed.

Finally, although I only had a very small part in the early stages of organising the event to put together the program structure and I’d like to say that the team at YEA did an awesome job putting together a world class summit.

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