You’ve all seen it, the small business owner who is paranoid of losing control and either doesn’t employ anyone; or worse, takes on staff whom they’re not threatened by.

Why do people do this?!

I believe, and not just because I’m taking a leaf out of Kiyosaki’s book “Rich dad, Poor dad” that you should always employ people who are smarter and better than you.

It is healthy to be challenged, only by being challenged do you push yourself to meet bigger goals.  I don’t mean your staff challenging your authority (you have bigger issues if that’s happening), but challenging the way the business works, challenging your methods.  If your staff aren’t pushing you for more, aren’t being demanding of you and your business, then your growth will be slower than if they were.

Having a team of intelligent and diverse employees will mean your business will take on bigger and better jobs.  Collectively you’ll be able to achieve much more by being able to bounce ideas off each other.

If you’re not convinced and still feel threatened by having smart staff, then think of it this way: picture one of your competitors. Imagine them employing non-threatening people who believe everything a taxi driver tells them.  Now imagine they’re the smartest and best in their field.  Who do you feel threatened by now?

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