Hands up everybody who looks forward to writing their email newsletter? It’s one of those time-consuming things that sit in the ‘important but not urgent’ quadrant of your startup task list. And if you’re like me, those tasks hardly ever get done (ask my accountant).

Despite great tools like Mailchimp for designing templates and managing subscriber lists, the drudge work of actually compiling and writing the email newsletter hasn’t got a whole lot easier in years.

Until now (in my case, earlier today). goodbits.io is awesomesauce.

It integrates with Mailchimp for subscriber/unsubscribe management and email templates, but adds great tools for rapidly snagging stuff with a browser extension (inc. Safari), RSS and social feeds. I’ve set mine up to store a list of everything I’ve snagged with the extension, everything I’ve published via Buffer, Twitter and Facebook, everything I’ve blogged and everything I’ve tagged in Flipboard. It can also include way more, such as your LinkedIn updates, or Google Plus (if you’re still using that…)

Once setup, Goodbits will email me a reminder when I ask it to, prompting me to go through that list of pending stuff in the Goodbits queue and drag and drop it into a visual mockup of my email newsletter. Which takes a minute at most, because Goodbits does all the harder work — choosing a thumbnail image, adding the clickthrough URL, formatting the item, etc for you.

Drag the news items around into some kind of order, some sections if you need them, add an intro sentence at the top, and hit Send or set it to go at a later time/date. All your open/click data is avail in Goodbits and also back in Mailchimp for you.

Finally, your weekly email newsletters (your weekly advisor/investor update and your customer email) goes from one hour every week to 5mins every week. Killer!



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