Our recent investment FoodOrbit is a two-sided marketplace that connects local food producers and growers with city fringe restaurants who have a strong focus on quality and sustainable produce. When considering the logo, it needed to show that it was honest, transparent, efficient, innovative, disruptive, sustainable, and reliable.


I went with a retro, old style typeface as I needed to appeal to both producers and restaurants. The Producers would be drawn to the retro typeface is reminiscent of old retro food grocers and stores. The Clean high-end and simple typeface logo without a logo mark appeals to restaurants due to the elements of trust and reliability. Finally the use of a star in the logo represents the quality in the business/products.

Originally I started off with a lined retro department store logo but after testing it didn’t reach well into the target markets. The outcome was instead of incorporated the lines for the old style department store, I used elements such as the less detailed horizontal lines, banner element, and tagline to give a shape to the logo and therefore more depth.

Overall the FoodOrbit logo is a powerful and modern brand that will work for two very different industries.

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