Connecting People with Spaces – Introducing Space Connect

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After being frustrated working in a corporate environment and being unable to book a meeting room, Space Connect founder Matt Pope decided to do something about it. “I have always been passionate about technology and improving the way we work and operate”.

Using “Ambient Intelligence” through Bluetooth based iBeacons, SpaceConnect brings together people and office space to enable businesses to manage office space more effectively. This means an employee can move around the office naturally and Space Connect will take care of the rest by automatically booking desks or meeting room spaces as they walk around.

Space Connect has launched and has executed the second largest roll out of iBeacons in Australia in one test site with a large financial institution. Based on the success of this trial, Space Connect aims to roll out the iBeacons throughout the rest of the institution’s buildings – giving it one of the largest iBeacon footprints Globally.

Space connect has already secured a partnership with a world leader in beacon hardware technology and is currently finalising a partnership with two industry leaders in activity based working strategy and fit out.