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What does a startup using iBeacons, a startup solving problems for corporate working mothers, and a security access software startup have in common?  They are all finalists in our Disrupt@Scale Human Connections program!

BlueChilli has partnered with a major Australian financial institution to develop the Disrupt@Scale Human Connections program, which offers financial support, education and scaling opportunities for idea-stage startup ventures.

If you were one of the 146 enthusiastic entrepreneurs who applied, we know that you were perched on the edge of your seats last week while the judging panel reviewed applications. Seven judges from the program partners reviewed the applications to make sure your submissions received the attention and balanced review they deserve.

Applications were judged based on adherence to the theme, suitability to the program, quality of the idea and execution capability of the team. We also considered the size of your addressable market, the competitive landscape and whether the financial institution could see a mutually beneficial relationship where they were able to use and help scale your product in a meaningful way.

Some interesting stats:

81% of the applications we received were for the Marketplaces theme, with the remaining 19% applying under Mobile Workplace Solutions. I could draw you a pie chart but you’re smarter than that. For interest, we had 19 female applicants, or roughly 13% (I might add that gender did not affect the review in any way – we removed names from the first review cycle where we just judged the theme match and problem-solution quality to prevent any bias there). So I guess we should have had 0.3 more female founders in the finalist group. And I might need to draw a chart to explain how that would be possible…

Without further ado, congratulations to the finalists who will now receive two weeks of strategy and pitch training to prepare for their pitches to the corporate partner on 26 February!

  • Bulkist – order products and services in bulk to save money (Giovanni Ravone)
  • Flexpert Careers – Encouraging working mothers back into the workforce in corporate Australia (Joel McInnes)
  • ResponSight – Security Access and Activity Reputation Monitoring (Jeff Paine)
  • Meeting Mate – Making online meetings more efficient, accountable & productive (Avron Rubin)
  • Safety Compass – Augmented reality OHS&E risk management app (Adam Poole)
  • ShareBetter – P2P marketplace solution for maximising the utilisation of internal company resources (Chris Noone)
  • Social Super – A marketplace for advisors and fund managers (Mitchell McLaurin-Smith)
  • SpaceConnect – Managing shared space with iBeacons (Matthew Pope)
  • “Swopped” – Transparent global supply chain (Sujata Karandikar)

As with all competitions, not everyone can be on the podium, but we would like to thank and acknowledge all the applicants who backed themselves and took a step towards making their idea a reality. We’re really lucky to have such talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Australia, and we can’t wait to hear about your successes and you continue on your startup journey!