Why did I choose to skip coffee today?

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I wake up to these amazing views everyday and I don’t take my blessings for granted.

Good Morning Australia
Good Morning Australia

I am sure many more of you who reside in Australia get similar opportunities to have such experiences.

As I was walking to my office from the Southern Cross train station, I was greeted by these two young, energetic lads – “Good Morning Sir”.

I took notice of their red t-shirt and a big coffee cup, asking people to part with their change for a worthy cause/organisation.

Many people ignored them, tried to avoid them by walking several meters apart, and in some instances gave them the grin.

Here is a secret. I seldom donate to people on the streets, for I don’t know if the money I give actually reaches the recipient I intend to give to.

But for some reason, today, I was invited to inquire within me – why and why not donate?

Looking at these young lads, who chose to donate their valuable time on a Friday morning to stand at one of the busiest intersections in CBD (William St & Bourke St), where most consulting firms & law firms operate from…I wondered for a minute what if – I choose to not buy my coffee and instead donate that money for the #RedCrossCalling.

So before I parted with my coffee money, I went up to them and asked if they knew Why & What they were doing? Both of them knew the Why & What …plus I was impressed to learn that they were the first to put $5 into the empty big coffee mugs this morning before they hit the road.

These lads are in Grade 10, and for them to part with $5 is significantly a larger contribution than what you and I can afford to part with today.

Future Founders
Future Founders

And so that’s what I did. I didn’t buy coffee this morning and instead donated my coffee money into these big coffee mugs.

Should you be inspired to do something similar, I invite you to donate your coffee money to these young lads as well.

Thank you and have an awesome sunny Friday!

Sidebar: BlueChilli partners with Red Cross Australia to host ideas hackathon focused on refugees and recent migrants