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Passionate about breaking down the barriers people face when accessing health care, this occupational therapist (OT) hired BlueChilli to build a platform that helped OTs stay connected with their patients outside of scheduled sessions and reduce their administrative burden.

Venture Build > a platform that improves the completion rate of home therapy programs & reduces admin burden

Research suggests that the minute a patient walks out the door, they forget 40-80% of what their medical practitioner told them. An occupational therapist, Laura Simmons, experienced this problem first-hand but couldn’t find an existing solution that efficiently helped time-poor OTs improve the ongoing care of clients outside of direct therapy. 

Theratrak hired BlueChilli to conduct user research to validate the problem space, design a high-fidelity prototype to test a digital solution, and build a platform that helps OTs capture and digitise client notes and prescribe, send and monitor home therapy programs.


  • Through our Lean Validator, a solution was prototyped and tested rapidly across multiple clinics in two weeks to validate whether therapists were willing to switch to a digital solution. Three clinics signed-up for a pilot based on the prototype before building started, and three additional clinical pilots were secured shortly after.
  • Built and launched the first commercially-viable product on iOS and Android within six months.

Ah ha! moment

Theratrak’s original brief was to build a mobile app to help time-poor occupational therapists capture and digitise meaningful information during appointments, so they give clients digital access to their home treatment plan. After applying our customer development framework, an even bigger opportunity was discovered: a mobile app and platform for therapists and clinics to capture client data and simply prescribe and monitor in-home therapy programs, and a client portal that delivers an interactive, digital treatment plan where you can replay real footage of activities and track progress.

“BlueChilli’s product team were key to accelerating Theratrak from concept to MVP. Using rapid prototyping and the lean canvas model, we were able to quickly create our MVP and test the market. Constant user feedback shaped the product’s development, all while working together to navigate the complex legal landscape of healthcare data. Combining the product team’s vast knowledge of the tech industry and my healthcare experience, we were able to develop a mobile app and web portal in just six months that I can already see having an incredible impact in the disability sector.”

– Laura Simmons, Founder & CEO of Theratrak


  • Market research 
  • Customer research
  • Problem validation
  • Prototype testing 
  • Branding and website development 
  • UX, UI and visual design
  • iOS and Android app development
  • Web platform development
  • Lean startup methodology training

Theratrak today

Theratrak is a mobile app that allows allied health therapists to work collaboratively and capture and digitise meaningful information in therapy sessions then use this data to prescribe, monitor, track and send custom therapy home programs to their clients.

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