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When Sparrows had the opportunity to build a new technology to improve efficiencies in Coca-Cola Amatil’s supply chain, BlueChilli helped this first-time founder validate the problem, cost-effectively design and pilot a prototype with real users, and develop a product strategy.

Lean Validator > design and test solutions to improve supply chain and logistics operations

A lack of transparency in the trucking and freight industry has left a gap in the supply chain for many agriculture companies – it’s a major pain point for logistics teams who spend hours locating time-sensitive or high value goods like fruit. This causes loss of productivity and stock degradation.

BlueChilli helped Sparrows conduct user research to drill down on the problem space, design a validation plan using hypothesis-driven lean experiments, build a high-fidelity prototype that could monitor the location and temperature of stock in real-time, and pilot it with real customers.


  • A high-fidelity prototype of the online dashboard and hardware device – which could track the location in real-time using GPS, and can send this information to the cloud using long range, low-power radio signals – was built and tested across five organisations within 9 weeks
  • Built the first commercially-viable product in four months, and sold 120 units throughout regional Victoria in time to support the tomato harvesting season for one of Australia’s largest fruit processors
  • The first tech product, designed to manage a fleet of trackers with configurable location-based and temperature based alerts sent to users via a dashboard alert system, costs users just a fraction of the potential hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost stock and productivity per season at harvest time.

Ah ha! moment

We used B2B customer development to rapidly invalidate Sparrow’s initial hypothesis that the trucking and freight industry wanted to cut supply chain costs by reducing unused space in trucks and decreasing the number of vehicles deployed. In just three weeks, we interviewed 25 logistics users and providers and found little interest in this. Instead, we identified a critical pain point when it comes to operation costs: missing high-value, time-sensitive or temperature-sensitive goods in the supply chain. With validation from real users, we pivoted and drilled down on this problem space.

“I would have wasted time and money developing what I thought customers wanted. BlueChilli’s lean validator framework gave me the structure to fail fast, learn, iterate and pivot my business quickly. Working with my product manager, we tested solutions with real customers and moved into an IoT hardware and software business with paying customers — all within six months.”

– Andrea Watson, CEO & Founder of Sparrows


  • Market Research
  • Ideation
  • Prototype fabrication and testing
  • IoT hardware development
  • Software development
  • Pilot planning and implementation
  • UX and visual design
  • Lean startup methodology training

Sparrows today

Sparrows tracks and monitors freight and assets for leading brands in the APAC. The company combines powerful software and robust hardware to give logistics teams visibility, peace of mind and control over their supply chain.


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