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When innovators can work with clinical researchers, it can.

At the heart of next stage of health tech innovation is this quote from Anita Petris, Manager of the Bytes4Health program at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI):

“Many tech startups are trying to disrupt healthcare from the outside. There is a risk of developing technology that does not necessarily fulfil a market need.”

From Anita’s perspective clinicians and medical researchers collaborating with health tech companies to solve today’s major problems in human health is a critical path to successful solutions. This is why the broader medical research community as well as various private sector players are stepping up to the plate to offer opportunities to connect innovative ideas.

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We certainly believe in the need to go deep when it comes to validating your startup idea. When it comes to med-tech and attacking health care problems, you can’t properly validate your idea without getting in front of patients. What an amazing opportunity to get access to world-class clinical research to validate and develop your health tech startup idea.

The Bytes4Health program will offer two companies the chance to be embedded within MCRI for four months. Companies will also receive $25,000 to go towards the development of their technology. They will work closely with research and clinical teams. They will also learn from MCRI’s digital health partner Curve Tomorrow and their experience in developing products for healthcare professionals and patient communities.

I toured the facility last week and was quite impressed. In the co-working industry the term ‘collisions’ is the jargon for synthesized serendipity. The potential for some paradigm shifting collisions is through the roof at MCRI. The contest winners will not only be working alongside a small team of talented health-tech developers but surrounded by an unparalleled healthcare facility. They’ll be having their coffee meetings at the on-site café which is fitted out with brainstorming booths and constantly abuzz with the latest ideas and ongoing trials.

Historically this country has been known for inventing some world-changing technology but not always commercialising it very well. With the right players together, that’s going to change. That’s going to happen as every organization, large and small recognise the value they have to share. They’re coming together to offer fantastic opportunities ranging from our Innovation Challenge competitions to the Bytes4Health program and beyond.

If you’re sitting on an innovative health or wellbeing technology startup idea we encourage you to apply for the Bytes4Health program ASAP as applications close at the end of this month. While the two best applicants will make it, keep in touch with us to hear about future opportunities in this space. This is just the beginning of an exciting era of innovation in health technology. Wouldn’t you rather be part of it than learn about it after the fact?