Token One  is a two-factor authentication system that utilises a Pin request challenge to prove user present and is a BlueChilli investment.  The TokenOne logo needed to show that it was solid, dependable, secure, stable, and well funded.

I chose a darker tone for the navy blue, which represents the power and professionalism. The yellow/gold tone has been used which symbolized wealth, success, and high quality. Gold is also used to represent the best of the best, top quality and superior value. When you see gold in branding, you can believe that the product or service associated with it is solid and reliable, valuable and worthy of use.

I combined a bolder and thinner sans serif typeface with tracking between the letters to give the distinction between the token and one and giving it a more professional and clean look.

The symbolism of the shield represents the protection, privacy, and the security that Token One has. The shield can also be viewed as a castle parapet, which is a protective wall or earth defence along the top of a trench.


The result is a strong and dependable brand that people can trust, a must in a business that protects and authenticates user identities. What do you think?


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