Over the last 3 months, the team at Inventium and BRW have been investigating who are the most innovative companies in Australia.  They compiled a list of the top 30 and a judging panel went through and ranked them.   We’re pretty excited to be named 3rd in the list!

As part of the process we had to name three innovations, one of which was our recent investment Housl which aims to solve the problem renters face when applying for properties in a novel and mobile based way.

Below is an extract from BRW:

Blue Chilli launches a new tech start-up every month with the aim of investing in 100 start-ups by 2016. It allows software engineers, creatives and business advisers to help founders get funding and expand the business. To date the venture capital firm has made 19 investments.

The company had already started researching gaps in the rental market before the founder of Housl.com, Roland Flanagan, approached them earlier this year.

This was because Blue Chilli’s chief executive, Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, himself is a renter and this “is probably where the greatest bits of insight came from”, he says.

One problem with the housing rental business is the duplication of documents. In a competitive market, more than 20 applicants can be applying for any one property. Property managers on average handle 10 properties each.

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