Or, how I used free directory sites to boost my profile

Believe it or not, sometimes the best way to increase your site ranking in Google is not to list it in Google.  There are hundreds of free (and hundreds more paid) directory sites where you can have a small blurb and link to your business placed on their website.  This post goes through how you can boost your google ranking and how I saw results in just 8 minutes!

What you will need

To make sure you use your time most effectively you’re going to need to have a few bits of information at hand.  Firstly have your ABN, some of the sites below require you to prove you’re a business so it will be useful to have this upfront.  Secondly you need to have your ad “copy” ready.  Your copy should be a snappy headline plus a paragraph or two of content.

What kind of text should you include to boost your rankings?

To get the most out of directory listings you’re going to have to be fairly consistent with the text you use and you should have an idea of the type of keywords you want to target.  So before you get too carried away with your quill and ink, think of keywords your potential clients are going to be likely to type in.  If you’ve got google analytics installed, have a look through there for what keywords people are already finding you with and use google’s keyword tools to find what people are not finding you with. For AutoCarLog, the keywords I want to target are:

  • mileage log book
  • tax return
  • vehicle log book

The headline will draw people in, it should be enough to explain what you do but entice people to want to read more, think your elevator pitch in one sentence or less.  Try and include as many of your keywords without sounding silly.  For AutoCarLog, the headline I choose was:

Maximise your tax return with an automatic vehicle mileage log book by AutoCarLog

Next is the body copy.  The body copy should be one – two paragraphs, some of the sites only allow a short text so keep this in mind.  Ideally you want to have your key words

One of the most efficient ways of getting your business-related vehicle expenses back from the tax department is with the logbook method. AutoCarLog is the easiest tool to keep your logbook up-to-date, a tool which could save you thousands!
AutoCarLog is an automated vehicle mileage logbook which you keep up-to-date using SMS. To use it, simply SMS your mileage at the end of each trip and at the end of the year, AutoCarLog automatically calculates your allowable tax deduction.

20 free sites to list your business

Armed with this information, now it’s time to visit each of the sites below and add your business.  This list isn’t exhaustive, there are hundreds more – if you think one deserves to be added, add a comment below and I’ll be sure to update the list.

  1. Google Local Listing
    (you will need to set up a Google Account, you can use your current email address to do this)
  2. True Local
  3. RAYV
  4. Hot Frog
  5. Easy Biz
  6. Australian Local Search
  7. Gumtree
  8. DLook
  9. Aussie Directory
    (Not for everyone, needs a reciprocal link on your site)
  10. Live Pages
  11. Our Patch
  12. Local Business Guide
  13. AussiePages
  14. SearchMySuburb.com.au
  15. StartLocal
  16. Aussie Local
  17. Aussie Web
  18. Street Corner
  19. I Need To…
  20. Web Find

And the result….

I have a google alert setup to trigger whenever google indexes a new site.  Within just 8 minutes of adding AutoCarLog to HotFrog google had indexed it and already my business was one step easier to find.

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