BlueChilli’s Liquorun expands and adds boutique fast food delivery

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One of Australia’s fastest growing delivery services, Liquorun, has expanded its on demand delivery services to all of Inner Melbourne, added boutique fast food and employed more drivers to keep up with demand.

Started in November 2013 by former Melbourne Demons footballer Joel Macdonald, Liquorun has grown rapidly from a niche alcohol after hours delivery service, to an on demand delivery service for just about anything that can fit into a passenger vehicle.

“As soon as we launched we were getting requests for the Liquorun service in other suburbs,” Mr Macdonald said.

“We’ve not been surprised by the demand as we always knew that this kind of service was missing in Australia, but we’ve been rolling out new suburbs in a sustainable way that provides excellent customer service and provides our drivers with a regular income,” he said.

Joel Macdonald
Liquorun founder and CEO, Joel Macdonald.


Initially Liquorun primarily focused on after hours alcohol deliveries, ordered through the Liquorun app, but has expanded to include boutique fast food and take away restaurant menus, such as Fonda and Huxtaburger.

“Every time we add a new food option, demand for the service increases, so we’re now being used to deliver the evening meal as well as alcohol after hours to social functions and parties,” Mr Macdonald said.

An added benefit of the rapid growth has been Liquorun’s ability to hire more drivers who are able to work flexible shifts that fit with their lifestyle.

“Our drivers are traditionally drawn from University student ranks – people who can work the kinds of hours our service demands, but fit in fulltime study as well.

“When we open a new region, that means more drivers and it’s great to be able to provide flexible work options to people that can then use their own vehicle to create income for themselves,” he said.

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