BlueChilli partners on innovation challenge with IPG Mediabrands

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We’re delighted to announce that leading marketing services firm IPG Mediabrands has chosen BlueChilli as a partner in offering its employees first-hand experience in startup innovation.

Believed to be a first for the Australian media industry on such a large scale, the new partnership offers Mediabrands’ 500-plus people an opportunity to engage directly with the leading edge of tech startup methodology and develop ideas for the benefit of the company’s service offerings and its clients.

“We believe Mediabrands has the best talent attraction and retention program in the Australian industry,” said Danny Bass, CEO of IPG Mediabrands Australia. “The partnership with BlueChilli brings a new dimension to the opportunities we can offer our people. BlueChilli is the leading startup accelerator in Australia and has clearly defined methodologies to identify, develop and propel great innovation ideas among our people that we can use to accelerate our capabilities and bring new advantages to clients.”

Chris Ball and Danny Bass
Chris Ball of BlueChilli and Danny Bass of IPG Mediabrands announcing the partnership.

The new BlueChilli project at Mediabrands is called Dynamic Tomorrow. The program will move through a series of formal steps, starting with an Innovation Challenge for all employees to put forward their tech ideas for potential on-going development.

The program later moves to a review and selection of the strongest projects and a two-week boot camp at the BlueChilli offices to develop ideas and skills. The program will culminate in October with a formal presentation to an independent judging panel including clients and also a People’s Choice Award for Mediabrands people to vote on their favourite start-up tech ideas. Ultimately the objective is for winning ideas to advance and be fully commercialised in partnership with BlueChilli for use by Mediabrands and/or clients.

“This is an important future influence across our national group and taps into the entrepreneurialism among people in many media disciplines,” said Bass. “Ultimately from our experiences with the Dynamic Tomorrow program, we will be facilitating access for our clients to engage with BlueChilli to bring forward potential leaps in technology development for their specific businesses.”

Chris Ball, BlueChilli’s head of partnerships said; “From our perspective, it’s tremendously exciting to see a big player like Mediabrands walk the innovation talk. There’s so much value sitting in the minds of staff who, at the coalface of customer problems, can deliver customer solutions of exponential value. This partnership is designed to unlock that value for Mediabrands as an entity, its staff and its clients.”